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If you want to search any kind of public records in Hawaii, whether for family history genealogy research purposes, to find out more information about someone you are planning to employ or even to validate the background of someone you are dating or going into business with, you'll need to do a public records search.

There are several different public record sources you can use to find different kinds of Hawaii public records.

Certain public and private records are protected by certain rules and restrictions in Hawaii, especially when it comes to criminal convictions, court records or more recent personal records; like birth and death certificates.

Many older historical records, for example the US Census records, are completely open to the public, which is fantastic for anyone delving into their family history in Hawaii.

Hawaii public records that can be accessed now include: Background checks, property records, criminal background checks, arrest records, court records, recorded county liens, inmate locators, and now home and mobile phone records.

Do you need more vital information about a Hawaiian resident? We also offer Marriage Records, Birth Records and Death Records.

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