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Hawaii Court Records Search

In the state of Hawaii, you may access limited information on most types of court cases by doing an online search using the search tools on the right. A court records search will return information that is deemed public information and will be available to you. Court records that may not be available include juvenile cases, very old case information which has not yet been keyed in and specific information about a case that is considered confidential.

When you want to know if a person has had lawsuits filed against them, traffic tickets or have gone to jail, the best way to find out quickly is by performing a court records search. Those records are oftentimes accurate and will include court dockets and any warrant or service filings.

Being able to do a court record search makes it easier for the person who is a skip tracer. Locating someone in Hawaii using court records is a great way to find out where a person used to live and who they may be living with in Hawaii.

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